Farmhouse Lighting Fixtures from Amazon

Farmhouse lighting fixtures from Amazon: Kitchen Makeover

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When we moved into our house about a year and a half ago we knew there were parts of the house we wanted to update from the late 90’s when it was built. We have been updating slowly as the budget allows and let me tell you I think we knocked it out of the park as far as keeping on our budget and updating the kitchen lighting to make a dramatic impact with minimal cost! Take a peek at the before and afters of our kitchen! We went from builder grade light fixtures to modern industrial farmhouse fixtures and it really spruced up the room! We searched Lowes and Home Depot and just could not find the style of lighting we wanted within our price range. HELLO Amazon… we were extremely skeptical of ordering light fixtures online, especially with how budget friendly these were and we were so surprised with how wonderful they were. Take a peek at the before and after photos!

Amazon Lighting Makeover: Farmhouse Lighting
  1. Chandelier
  2. 60 W Filament Bulbs
  3. Candelabra 40 W Filament Bulbs
  4. Pendant Lights
farmhouse pendant light from amazon
Pendant Light (over sink)
Click picture for link to this product
canopy for light fixtures
Canopy for the top of double pendant light fixtures
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Hope you enjoyed this update in lighting fixtures on a budget from Amazon! The light bulbs are another way to save on your costs so don’t feel like you have to get the fancy filament bulbs like we did and you can still get a great farmhouse feel!



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