Amazon Find Friday: Clay Face Mask

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As someone who struggles with adult acne I scoured Amazon for the best mask to help me with acne flare up’s! I bought a jar of dirt y’all… seriously it’s clay…from the ground..with over 16,900 reviews on Amazon.

Click here for a link to this mask!

I have PCOS so hormonal acne still happens to me, it’s embarrassing and painful so I was hoping to find a solution that would help purge my skin of impurities and help zits go away faster when I have a flair up.

The instructions state to mix equal parts clay mask with equal parts apple cider vinegar in a plastic bowl with a plastic spoon (see the face mask mixing set I found on Amazon below) . You are supposed to leave on 5-10 minutes until you feel your face pulsate.

I definitely feel after one time my skin looks brighter, my pores look clearer ( I get blackheads on nose and it looked clearer) and the big zits that were there…well they purged..which is a nice way of saying they formed a whitehead . I can’t wait to keep trying it once of twice a week to see how my skin improves over time!



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  1. Mackenzie says:

    Hi there can you please do an update on the mask? I have pretty clear skin all the time but a lot of blackheads and it’s my fourth day using it and all these bumps on my face are appearing and white junk comes out. Wondering if this will last long or get worse and what your experience was using this!

    1. gracelee gifted says:

      Hi Mackenzie!
      I do not use this everyday so I can’t speak to how it works on back to back days, but I do use it to purge my skin to get rid of the “junk”. I believe it is supposed to purge your skin of all the junk so I only use when I know I may get a few more zits before it gets better! If I sleep in my makeup by accident or just have a huge breakout I will do the mask but I don’t know if it is recommended for daily use! I have been doing the Oil Cleansing Method for my acne and that has really been working well as well as I use Blackhead Strips on my nose if I feel like I don’t want to do I full mask and just want to target my nose! Hope this helps!

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