Target Swimsuit Try On 2020: Part Two

It’s time for PART TWO of my Target Swimsuit Try On for Moms 2020! I hope you enjoyed PART ONE (click here for Part One) and I am so excited for this post because I found some really awesome Swimsuits and Cover Ups that are figure flattering and Mom approved! Swimsuit season can be tough especially as a Mom because our bodies have changed as well as our needs and desires in a bathing suit (my personal favorite is will it pass the bend over in the cooler to get snacks test… without a boob or lady parts popping out!) Here are some of my favorites at Target this spring/summer season and I hope that not only do you find a swimsuit you feel good in but, also, that you find the beauty in yourself no matter what size you are, if you have lost the baby weight..or not, or no matter the cellulite and stretch marks. Find the good and just know everyone has imperfections and your kids won’t remember the cellulite that showed they will remember that Mommy wouldn’t get in the pool because she didn’t want to wear a bathing suit! Now let’s find you a bathing suit you can feel good in and have fun with your kids in!!!

For your reference my stats are

*150 lbs.

*5 foot 5 inches

* Typically Size Medium sometimes Large

* Size 6/8

*Bra Size 34 DD

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The Favorites:

Target Swimsuits for Moms
Click the picture for link
Target Swimsuits for Moms
This Teal One Piece was my favorite suit of the day! I am wearing size Medium.
The color was gorgeous and the lifting effect it had on the “girls” was everything! The back detail along with the textured bodice made this suit a clear winner!
coral swimsuit
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This Coral Cinched Floral One Piece was a close second and I just loved how flattering the cinching was along with the bright coral/red color! I am wearing size Medium.
strapless bathing suit
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floral Strapless bathing suit
This Strapless Floral is so tropical and fun! It is offered in Black too which might be my favorite (See the black one in PART ONE) I am wearing a Large in this picture and it seemed too big I had tried on the black in a medium and it fit much better! So I would go with my normal Medium with this suit!
black beach pants
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black beach pants
These Black Beach Pants are AMAZING!! The were so incredibly comfortable and so flattering. I love the side slits to let the air pass through on a hot humid day and I’m telling you these are a MUST HAVE! I am wearing size Medium.
white beach cover up
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This White Cover Up was so Fresh and Classic! Another MUST HAVE in my opinion! Wearing size Medium.
Can we take a moment to discuss my little helper in most of my pictures! We had the best time at Target this day. My daughter is full of personality and she was having a ball helping mommy and making faces in the mirror!
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Cream Cover Up
This Cream Cover Up was a perfect match to the Coral Cinched Floral One Piece! They were a match made in heaven and this cover up is also offered in Black! I am wearing size Medium.
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black pom pom
Oh yeah this Black Pom Pom Cover Up with Floral detail was so FUN! I love the Pom Pom detail and the fact that it was not see through! If you are looking for a great cover up with more coverage all over (it is low cut) this is the one for you. Wearing a Medium.

The OK’s:

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Wearing a size Medium in the White Tank Dress Cover Up. This Cover-up was cute it just wasn’t a must have for me!
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This Black and White Stripe Two Piece was OK. I think there are more flattering suits for my body out there! I am wearing size Medium bottoms and size D/DD top. My daughter’s face though is the best part of this picture!
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I’m not sure why this Burgundy One Piece with Strap Detail didn’t do it for me but I wasn’t the biggest fan of this one! I am wearing size Medium and it almost felt too loose in the bust/ waist area!

The NO’s:

Click picture for link
Well I should have known cut outs are tricky! This Black Cutout One Piece was not a favorite! Wearing size Medium.
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Hello Cleavage! If you are going on your Honeymoon or a Romantic Vacation with the hubby this Black Ruffled Sexy One Piece may be for you (also available in pink)! For swimming at the pool with my kids or bending to get snacks at the beach this one is a NO for me…It would most certainly be a nip slip waiting to happen! If you feel comfortable in this you rock it Mommy! I am wearing size Medium.
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Wearing size Medium bottoms and size D/DD top this Wine Floral Two Piece was another No for me. I’m not sure if it was the floral placement or the bandeau top. Just not a win in my book!

So that rounds up PART TWO of my Target Swimsuit Try On for Moms! I hope you found some great suits to try and remember Target offers FREE RETURNS on bathing suits so you can shop online and find the perfect suit for you!



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