How to Make Your Life Less Stressful as a Mom


Being a mom we take on so many roles and responsibilities that it can be overwhelming as super stressful at times. As a stay at home mom for almost 6 years these 5 tips have really decreased my stress levels and made me more productive as a mom!

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1. Meal Planning

Meal planning has been by far the best way to feel less stressed during the week! Knowing exactly what I am going to feed my family and knowing I have all the ingredients available and planned it makes feeding my family so much easier!

Over the weekend I will think about what events we have coming up the next week (sports, appointments, etc.) and base our meals around our schedule. On days we have sports during the time I usually cook I will make/prep the meal before we leave OR have a crock pot meal cooking that will be ready when we get home.

Next I will think about our favorite recipes and look for new recipes by researching Pinterest for ideas so I can start making my grocery list. We usually have themes to make it easier to plan meals each week.

For example we usually have:

  • Asian Night (Stir Fry, Hibachi, etc.)
  • Mexican Night (Tacos, Quesadillas, Mexican Bowls, etc.)
  • Soup or Salad and Sandwich Night (depending on Season)
  • Pizza Night
  • Crock-pot Meal/Sheet Pan Meal
  • Meatless Meal
  • Leftovers/ Takeout

For Breakfast I will batch cook muffins, (my kids are loving these Protein Muffins) make egg cups, have toast & yogurt available, have a smoothie, have fruit, have frozen waffles, french toast sticks and frozen pancakes in the freezer, and have cereal (cheerios) available when none of those items is appealing to my toddlers!

For Lunch my kids will eat frozen chicken nuggets or lunch meat with cheese along with fruit and juice and some kind of carb (cracker, bread, chip, veggie straw). I will typically eat leftovers from the night before or a sandwich and sweet potato chips!

So after you figure out what you are going to make/ have each day, figure out the ingredients needed from the grocery store, I start making my shopping list and either do grocery pick up from WALMART (try grocery pickup and get $10 off your $50 purchase) or I head to ALDI on Sunday/Monday! Depending on the week I try to only go to the grocery store ONCE! This saves money and time! Sometimes if we have friends coming over or a family function I need to cook for on the weekend I will do a pickup on Thursday/Friday.

2. Laundry Everyday

Our family has a ton of Laundry, and since we moved into this house with a Well and Septic I had to alter my laundry routines. I do one load a day! We have so many dirty clothes/ towels/ sheets that I always have a full load! This helps reduce my stress because one load is a lot easier to sort, fold/hang, put away everyday then for me to let it pile up and have to do a ginormous mountain of laundry that will take what feels like years to put away! I encourage you, if laundry is overwhelming you, try the one load a day method!

Every morning I will gather the laundry from the night before, bring it down when we wake up for breakfast and start the load while my coffee is brewing! That way at lunch I can transfer to dryer and after dinner we take it upstairs and put away while the kiddos are playing in their rooms before bath! This routine has kept the couch from becoming a laundry mountain that we have to search for clothes in and keeps the mornings less stresses because we can find our clothes easily! Speaking of Routines… my next tip to make you less stressful is….

3. Cleaning Routines

Creating a morning and night time cleaning routines have drastically reduced my stress as Mom and increased my productivity and cleanliness of my home! They do not take that much time and are pivotal in keeping our house tidy!

Morning Cleaning Routine:

  • Put a load of laundry in Washer
  • Unload Dishwasher /Put Away Dishes
  • Do a quick clean up of breakfast
  • Get Dinner prepped if Crock-pot meal
  • Tidy Up Bedrooms and Bathrooms after getting ready if time before we leave for Preschool

Nightly Cleaning Routine:

  • Dinner Cleanup/Leftovers Put Away
  • Quick Cleanup of Toys/ Downstairs
  • Dishes Hand washed As Needed
  • Dishes loaded in Dishwasher and Started
  • Lunches packed/ Snacks Packed/ Bookbags Ready
  • Counter and Table Wipe Down
  • Start Robot Vacuum or Quick Sweep
  • Take Clean Laundry upstairs to put away

4. Declutter

MESS = STRESS. Clutter is super stressful to me and causes messes because your drawers, closets, shelves are full of things that are old, don’t fit, you don’t wear and then items end up on the floor or in baskets because they have no where to go! If you don’t have place for things it makes it harder to find them! Do me a favor declutter and declutter often! Every season change especially with kids go through clothes and donate/ pass down clothes that are too small and make room for the new season’s clothes! Keep your pantry decluttered by throwing out expired or unused food and keep it decluttered by only buying items you need for that week based on your meal plan! This cuts down on food waste and helps keep your shelves clean!

5. Take time for yourself, family and marriage

The last hack to make your life less stressful is to take time for yourself and your family! Make sure you are showering and brushing your teeth! I know those newborn days are tough but make sure you take care of your self! Ask your spouse/ parent / friend for help and for that 15 minute break so you can get a shower if you can’t get break! Its good to have a few minutes to yourself without having to attend to everyone else’s needs! Every night after the kids are bathed and ready for bed my husband has his one on one time with the kids and I take full advantage of a nice long shower in peace! It is something I look forward to everyday and helps me relax before bed!

Make sure you are taking time for your family and your marriage as well! By doing these other tips you will find you are not constantly doing cleaning or laundry, or running to the grocery store and you have more time for playing with your kids, eating dinner with your family, and enjoying the company of your husband!!

I hope these 5 tips to make your life less stressful as a mom help you and I just want to encourage you that being a Mom is one of the hardest jobs in the world and you are doing a great job!!!! You got this Momma!



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